Rossini 150: the story

30 March 2019

On Saturday March 30 the conference Andiamo a giubilar was held at the Auditorium Pedrotti to divulge and promote all the activities that have taken place in the four year period of the Rossini Celebrations. It was promoted by the National Committee of the Rossini Centenary Celebrations. The speakers of the house were Gianfranco Mariotti and the Mayor Matteo Ricci both  Presidents of the Committee and the deputy Mayor Daniele Vimini President of the Rossini Opera Festival.

The Rossini Celebrations started in 2016, a leap year, which launched the first edition of Buon Compleanno Rossini which takes place the last week of February; in 2017 we were granted the recognition of Città Creativa Unesco della Musica by UNESCO and the approbation of the Legge speciale per Rossini ( n.188 del 4/12/2017); the celebrations culminated in 2018 year of  the 150th anniversary of Rossini’s passing.