ROF in Stockholm, Moscow & Copenhagen

15 January 2020

The international promotional activity of the Rossini Opera Festival continues. It will start the 29th of January at 1.30 pm in the auditorium of the Italian Cultural Institute of Stockholm Un caffè all’opera, a cycle of video projections of the ROF operas,  La scala di seta (ROF 2009), La gazza ladra (ROF 2007, on February 19) and Sigismondo (ROF 2010, on March 18).
On February 13, a Rossini Recital will be held in the Italian Embassy in Moscow, in collaboration with Accademia Rossiniana "Alberto Zedda", Italian Embassy and Bolshoi Academy.
The performers are two former alumni of the Accademia, Francesca Tassinari and Dmitry Cheblykov, accompanied on the piano by Mikhail Korshunov.
Another cycle of video projections started at the Italian Cultural Institute in Copenhagen: next months L’Italiana in AlgeriLa scala di seta e Mosè in Egitto will be shown.