ROF celebrates Rossini’s birthday in Oman

21 February 2020

The Rossini Opera Festival celebrates the 228th birthday of Gioachino Rossini, born in Pesaro on 29 February 1792, in Oman. The Festival, in the framework of the collaboration with the Royal Opera House Muscat, will stage the Rossini farces in Muscat, the capital of Oman. On Thursday 27 and Saturday 29 February L'inganno felice, the ROF production staged in 1994 (and resumed in 2015) in Pesaro by Graham Vick, will be revived in the Omani theater.

The partnership has reached its third appointment, after L’occasione fa il ladro (October 2017) and La scala di seta (March 2019), and this year is held in conjunction with the Rossini anniversary. The collaboration between ROH Muscat and ROF will continue this summer with the co-production of La cambiale di matrimonio, staged at ROF 2020 and later in Oman.

L’inganno felice, taken up by Graham Vick himself, will see Diego Matheuz directing the Filarmonica Gioachino Rossini and a cast of former students of the Accademia Rossiniana "Alberto Zedda" including Laura Giordano (Isabella), Daniel Umbelino (Bertrando), Elcin Huseynov (Ormondo), Omar Montanari (Tarabotto) and Carles Pachón (Batone).

The ROF tour is part of a broader educational project to which the Sultanate of Oman attaches great importance and which also includes a theatrical workshop for students of the University of Muscat organized by ROH Muscat with the collaboration of the ROF.

L’inganno felice, a farce for music in one act based on the libretto by Giuseppe Foppa, was performed for the first time at the San Moisè Theater in Venice on January 8, 1812. The story takes place near a mining quarry, where Tarabotto, the chief of the miners, lives with Nisa, who everyone believes to be his granddaughter but, in fact, he rescued her on the seashore ten years before. Actually, she’s the Duchess Isabella, Duke Bertrando’s wife, unjustly accused by Ormondo, the Counsellor of the Court, but fortunately escaped death. During the military patrol of the mine, the Duke will be standing in front a woman who looks like his repudiated wife. Opened his eyes to the truth, he will punish the treacherous councilor and will recover the peaceful conjugal existence.

Coming back from Oman, in the framework of the celebrations for Rossini's birthday organized by the Municipality of Pesaro, on Sunday 1 March at 6.30 pm there will be a Concert from the balcony of the Museo Nazionale Rossini edited by the Rossini Academy"Alberto Zedda", starring Francesca Di Sauro and Nicolò Donini, accompanied on the piano by Donatella Dorsi.

(Ph. Khalid Al-Busaidi - Rohm)