Registrations open for Viaggetto a Reims

3 August 2015

Sign up your children for Viaggetto a Reims, an operatic game for kids that will be held on Thursday 13th, Friday 14th and on Monday 17th August. Informations and reservations: 346.4947469.

The execution of the project has been entrusted, for the educational-play part, to Lucia Moricoli and Marco Manzo; for the specifically musical part to Elisabetta Tamburello and Marco Roveti.
Il viaggetto a Reims – A little trip to Reims – is a theatre workshop for children from 6 to 10 years of age, aiming to initiate, in a light and amusing way, our future audiences into the mysteries and enchantments of the stage while they are still young. The game that the children will be involved in is imaginatively inspired by Il viaggio a Reims, which is being performed at the Teatro Rossini during the same period, and touches upon every magical aspect of theatrical reality. The children will not only construct, in play, their own parallel version of Il viaggio, but at specially selected moments of the programme they can go into the theatre and see some chosen scenes from the real opera (the dress rehearsal and performances) and even briefly take part in it.