Presentation of the study on the Rof by the University of Urbino

2 August 2013

The book entitled L’immagine di Pesaro e del Rossini Opera Festival nella stampa nazionale e internazionale[The image of Pesaro and of the Rossini Opera Festival in the national and international press] edited by Lella Mazzoli, Director of the Dipartimento di Scienze della Communicazione e Discipline Umanistiche, as well as the Istituto per la Formazione al Giornalismo at the University of Urbino, and by Stefania Antonioni, was presented at the Hotel Excelsior, under the auspices of the Circolo della Stampa di Pesaro [Pesaro Press Club].

This research considers, from the qualitative point of view, the phenomenon of the Rof, and Rossini in general, just as it is presented by the media: analysis of the vast amount of newspaper coverage from 2012 (375 journals dealt with the Festival) reveals, on the basis of a carefully chosen selection, three categories of article: the first (30%) describes Pesaro as if it were simply an adjunct to the Rof;  the second (32%) which, through experiencing the Rof, also features in a positive manner the city that houses it; the third (38%) even speculates on a kind of identification through which Rossini is Pesaro and Pesaro is Rossini, with all the happy consequences that are reflected upon a town considered a cradle for opera-lovers from all over the world who do not disdain the idea of a peaceful holiday beside the sea.  

The authoresses come to a particularly interesting conclusion: in the case of the Rof too, the proposition demonstrated by the researches of AC Nielsen is valid; according to this, the “earned media” (that is, every form of communication that may be viewed as spontaneous and disinterested)  are considered by the majority as infinitely more credible and effective than communications that are paid for. The reputation of such an event as the Rof, built up over a long period of years, has caused a veritable “place brand”  to grow up alongside the figure of Rossini, ready to be used by local  establishments with a view to territorial marketing.


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