Presentation of the 2014 Balance Sheet

10 November 2014

Today, in the offices of the Marche Region, the artistic and economical balance sheet of the Rof 2014 was presented to the public, together with the social balance sheet.

Pietro Marcolini, Cultural Assessor to the Region, said:"Every day we can see vivdly how the extraordinary cultural value of the ROF is re-confirmed every year as a significant attraction for largely foreign audiences and as a meaningful economic resource for the town of Pesaro and the Marche. Scientific monitoring of published press articles demonstrates, for example in the case of the Italian press, how the presence of the ROF in terms of publicity, in the sole month of August, amounts to almost 2 million euros, whereas the annual registered value amounts to no fewer than 10 million euros, which benefits not only the town but also the Region. For this reason, the Marche Region not only supports the ROF, but helps to spread awareness of the Festival through special tourist offers and other forms of communication; all this while Rossini and his music are proving of extraordinary contemporary significance, as happens in Mario Martone's film "Il Giovane Favoloso", in which Rossini's classical melodies duet with the electronic sound track of Apparat, helping the filmn to win the prestigious Piccioni Prize at the Venice Film Festival."

Gianfranco Mariotti, Sovrintendente of the Rossini Opera Festival, declared: "We believe that this meeting, in which we declare to the Public Institutions to what use we put public monies, is an expression of democratic code of conduct. Culture is a value in itself, but it also produces undeniable consequences, both economical and immaterial. The data of media coverage show the world-wide awareness of the Festival, explained by the fact that here in Pesaro we are offering something (the re-discovery of the real Rossini) unobtainable elsewhere."

The Deputy Mayor of Pesaro, Daniele Vimini, closed the meeting by saying: "The very fact of our being here to take part in this regular presentation of accounts is proof of the extraordinary nature of the Rof, and not only in artistic matters. The presence at the meeting of other musical institutions of Pesaro (the Conservatorio and the Fondazione Rossini) confirms our perfect unity of intention about a real national heritage. We believe that it is important that 59% of the articles published about the Festival this year appeared on the web, a sign that the Festival has been able to adapt itself to new media and technologies such as streaming video, making for ever greater interest and collaboration with other realities. ROF audiences,

two-thirds international, look ahead at rather than follow economic and touristic flow."

Finally, the definitive data of the XXXV edition of the Rossini Opers Festival: the box-office registered 15.270 ticket holders, with a total cash intake of 946.091 euros. The percentage of foreign visitors from all five continents is estimated at 63.55%. Besides Italy, 36 nations are represented: France and Germany take the lead, while Japan (third) beats England..The strongly increasing number of Russians continues (30% more than in 2013). Many also come from the United States, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.

Media coverage has been wide across the nations. Many of the journalists (144 official delegates) come from abroad, with representatives (not counting the Italians) of 81 journals from 26 different countries. According to Press Index estimates, the publicity value of references to the Rof in the Italian media alone during the last twelve months (2.564 media cuttings) represents a value of close to 10 million euros, an economic value from which the entire territory benefits. All this, plus the foreign media quotes, which dedicate space to the tourist attractions of the Marche coastline.

This month two great American radio networks are dedicating a considerable amount of time to the Pesaro Festival: World of Opera (which includes 73 broadcasting stations) with repeats of Il barbiere di Siviglia and Armida; WFMT of Chicago (which provides programmes for more than 350 American radio stations) with a two-hour special on the Rof, dedicated to Armida and the 2014 Festival, in the context of a series about the more important international festivals. At the moment the Sky Classica channel is giving its subscribers L'Italiana in Algeri, staged at the Festival in 2013. During the next months the RAI 3 series "Prima della prima" will feature an episode entirely dedicated to Armida, showing pictures and interviews filmed at Pesaro in summer this year.

In 2014 the Festival operated an intense promotional programme, both on its own behalf and in collaboration with the Marche Region, at some of the Italian cultural institutes abroad (Cologne, Munich, Vienna, Tokyo). As from this summer the website and its relative twitter account have become active, realised and operated by Friends of the Rof, an American association of Rossini fans based in New York.

The XXXVI Rossini Opera Festival (10-22 August 2015) will open with La gazza ladra (conductor: Donato Renzetti; production: Damiano Michieletto); next, in order, come La gazzetta (conductor: Enrique Mazzola; production: Marco Carniti) and L'inganno felice (conductor: Denis Vlasenko; production: Graham Vick). Beside these three main productions there will be performances of Il viaggio a Reims by the students of the Accademia Rossiniana,  the rare Messa di Gloria and the Stabat Mater.