Opera5: Rossini, Donizetti, Bellini, Verdi, Puccini

17 March 2015

Everything that we do alone we could do better together. This was the spirit governing the second meeting of representatives of the five festivals dedicated to the five great Italian opera composers, which took place today, the 17th March, at the Teatro Regio, Parma. General Managers, Directors, Heads of Marketing and Communications from the Rossini Opera Festival, the Fondazione Donizetti, the Festival Belliniano, the Festival Verdi and the Fondazione Festival Pucciniano have carried on the work undertaken in October last year, with the intention of turning to account and promoting, united in music, the five territories, the five regions concerned and therefore Italy herself, the land where opera was born.

Giving new life to an old proposal of law, the representatives of the five Italian musical institutions shared a desire to enshrine this intention in a legal form, by immediately forming an association enabling us to promote, in our country and all over the world, the rich programmes and events produced by each one of us, to spread the passion for opera, to interact with institutions, partners and international sponsors, and to reach out to the audience of opera-lovers of every nation.

Among the features discussed today were a shared  long-term programme, a united and integrated communications system, distinguished by a distinctive emblem which is now being designed, a flexible digital platform and, as soon as possible, channels for online sales; the meeting singled out work programmes and objectives to be reached in the immediate future, and the next meeting will begin by considering these points.    

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