Live from Rossini’s House Balcony

30 July 2015

An entertaining improvisation for some of the pupils of the Accademia Rossiniana 2015: Alessandro Abis, Pablo Ruiz, Sunnyboy Dla Dla and Giuseppina Bridelli performed for two nights running on the balcony of Gioachino Rossini’s birthplace, singing some Rossini arias to a numerous group of spectators drawn to the spot by the unusual show. All according to the format “Rossini in sorsi” [Rossini drop by drop] created for the Pesaro Town Council.

Pablo Ruiz tells us: “I was the first to agree to the proposal: in my home town, in Southern Spain, at Easter we generally sing Saeta numbers, a kind of flamenco, from our balconies for people down in the street. It has been really magical doing it here in Pesaro.” Sunnyboy Dla Dla had this to say:”For me it has been fantastic here in Pesaro, first at the Accademia with maestro Zedda and Flórez and then at the Festival. This singing from the balcony was like the cherry on top of the cake. Even if I stopped singing tomorrow I would already be satisfied!” Giuseppina Bridelli is sincere:”At first I was perplexed: to sing in the open air in the middle of the street with people passing by was a risky business. Instead, it was a lovely situation, and fully theatrical. The balcony reminded me of the one in the Barbiere, something mid-way between real life and the stage.” And finally Alessandro Abis: “For me, too, it was not the first time, at Cagliari we sing from our balconies during the festa in the Villanova quarter. Of course, doing it in Pesaro at Rossini’s birthplace was quite a different thing for me. Even the acoustics were quite good. Maestro Zedda was downstairs listening to us, and this was all that we could possibly desire.”

For the opening of "Casa Rossini", the balcony concerts were given once more with singers Federica Di Trapani, Xiang Xu, Sundet Baigozhin, Shirin Eskandani e Rubén Pérez Rodríguez.