Last Concerto dal Balcone di Casa Rossini

16 August 2019
On Sunday 18th August at 7 p.m. the last concert in the new cycle of Concerti dal Balcone by the Pesaro Town Council's Assessorato alla Bellezza and by the Rossini Opera Festival after an idea by Marco Mencoboni, in collaboration with the Sistema Museo, Amat and the Foundazione Rossini.

The balcony of the composer´s birthplace will be the scene of vocal performances of some of the best pupils of the Accademia Rossiniana "Alberto Zedda", a study seminar on modern belcanto interpretation which was held from 8th to 22th of July at the Teatro Sperimentale.

The singers will be the soprano Francesca Longari, the tenor João Terleira and the bariton Dmitry Cheblykov, accompanied by piano of Rubén Sánchez-Vieco. Dmitry Cheblykov will sing the Aria by Haly “Le femmine d’Italia” from Italiana in Algeri, Francesca Longari will sing the Cavatina by Amenaide “Di mia vita infelice … No, che il morir non è” from Tancredi; João Terleira will sing the Aria by Ramiro “Sì, ritrovarla io giuro” from Cenerentola.