Il cerchio magico, latest episode in the Rossinimania series

13 August 2016

On Tuesday 16th August at 11.00 a.m. at the Teatro Rossini the Rof will present a new episode of Rossinimania, a series exploring the actual maniacal fever for Rossini’s music that disturbed the waters of European culture in the nineteenth century. The concert, entitled Il cerchio magico (The magic circle) is an imaginary contest between Rossini and some of his singers, who have ventured into composition. The music of this concert aims to recognize the inventive capacities of some of the famous singers of Rossini’s operas. To put their music “in competition” with that of the great Maestro would seem rather like a mirror (or a magic circle, as suggested) having its origins in Rossini and returning to him. The programme features pieces by Maria Malibran, Isabella Colbran, Joséphine Fodor Mainville, Felice Pellegrini and Pauline Viardot, besides others that, either in their titles or their themes, recall pieces by Rossini. The cast of this singular concert, which introduces various completely unpublished items, is composed of graduates from the Accademia Rossiniana such as Ruth Iniesta, Cecilia Molinari, Matteo Macchioni and Marko Mimica, accompanied at the pianoforte by Carmen Santoro, a long-time collaborator with the Rof.

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