Here’s the new Board

15 June 2020
The assembly of the Founding Members of the Rossini Opera Festival (Municipality of Pesaro, Intesa San Paolo, Fondazione Scavolini) chaired by Daniele Vimini, President of the ROF and Deputy Mayer, has appointed the new Board of Directors for the four-year term 2020/2023.

The assembly has very much appreciated the work of the previous Board that assisted the Festival through a delicate and yet pivotal transition in which it was able to maintain and reaffirm its position on the international scene. Their management was characterised by solidity, transparency and human participation.

The new Board chaired by Daniele Vimini will be formed by Paolo De Biagi, former Prefect; Monica Nicolini, attorney; Luisa Rossi, notary; Francesca Tommasoli, former official of Intesa San Paolo. The new Board of Auditori will be chaired by the President of the certified accountants of Pesaro Urbino Paolo Balestieri, along with Tommaso D’Angelo and Valeria Sacco.

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