Gianfranco Mariotti resigns from his position

7 September 2017

Considering certain perplexities expressed by the Corte dei Conti on certain aspects of my contract with the Rof, with the intention of fully clarifying the subject and at the same time to facilitate the anticipated switching of my rôle, not very distant from the natural expiry of my contract, I have decided – in the fullest serenity of spirit – to present the Mayor of Pesaro with my resignation from the post of General Administrator (Sovrintendente) of the Rossini Opera Festival, which I have have held uninterruptedly for 38 consecutive seasons. However, I shall remain available for consultation whenever necessary.

I recognize the importance of the results obtained throughout all these years, and I thank the people and the institutions who have permitted us to realize them. But above all I wish to thank my closest co-workers – the people of the Rof – who have lived through this long and marvelous adventure beside me.


                                                                                                                                                        Gianfranco Mariotti