Gianfranco Mariotti Honorary President of the ROF

3 May 2018

Gianfranco Mariotti has been nominated Honorary President of the Rossini Opera Festival.  The Assembly of the organizations promoting the event, composed of the Pesaro Town Council, Intesa Sanpaolo and the Fondazione Scavolini, voted the appointment unanimously

Mariotti, founder of the Rossini Opera Festival in 1980 and its General Administrator until 2017, is President of the Comitato Promotore delle Celebrazioni Rossiniane  for the 150th anniversary of the composer’s death.  Author of many essays and literary contributions on the subject of Rossini, but also of theatrical  and humanistic publications, his book Suite della bellezza dimenticata was published by Ricordi in 2014..

The President of the ROF, Daniele Vimini, has declared: “We have proposed this act of recognition, provided for in the new Statute, not only because of the enormous recognition due to the originator of the Festival, created and brought up by him to the international status it enjoys today, but also because we are convinced that in order to contemplate the future of the event with serenity and strength, especially in these very significant years, it is fundamental to operate with courage and innovation, while at the same time maintaining its well-known features untarnished.”

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