From the 1st August ROF Box office will open

31 July 2018

From the first of August ROF Box Office will open at Rossini Theatre.
It will be possible to buy ticket still available (gallery seats excluded) and gallery seats for the two operas at Adriatic Arena, to collect tickets already purchased in presale and for all information and material of ROF 2018.

Box office will be open every day at the following times: 10-12 and 16-18.30 Tel. +39 (0)721 3800294.
In order to avoid confusion among customers waiting for their turn to buy tickets at the box office on the first day (it will open from 10.00 a.m), a system of barriers in front of the Teatro Rossini will be prepared and numbered tickets will be distributed to customers in strict order of their arrival and taking position in the queue.These tickets will serve to establish, without useless confusion, the order in which customers may present themselves at the box office.
No previously composed lists or queues organized in different places will be taken into consideration.