First of the Incontri

8 August 2013

The first of the Incontri [lecture-meetings] organized during the Festival in collaboration with the Fondazione Rossini will be held on Saturday 10th August at 11.30 a.m. in the Sala della Repubblica of the Teatro Rossini. The coversazione [lecture] will be held by Ilaria Narici, Director of the Fondazione Rossini’s critical edition of Rossini’s works, and she will introduce the audience to passages from Guillaume Tell. Two extraordinary guests will also take part in the conversazione: Michele Mariotti and Graham Vick, conductor and stage director of the opera, which will be staged on Sunday 11th August at the Adriatic Arena.

A second Incontro will be held on Tuesday 13th August at 5.30 p.m., once more in the Sala della Repubblica: Bruno Cagli will take as his theme the relationship between Rossini and Verdi, entitling his talk Alla destra di Dio [On the right hand of God].