Applications to the Accademia from all over the world

6 March 2013

Almost 200 applications have been received for admission to the auditions for the Accademia Rossiniana 2013, a seminar on the problems of interpretation of Rossini’s music directed by Alberto Zedda, which is held every year in Pesaro during the Festival period.

The candidates hail from 32 nations and all six continents: Argentina, Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, South Korea, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Germany, Georgia, Japan, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakistan, Latvia, Moldova, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, the USA, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, the Ukraine, Hungary.

The Accademia Rossiniana 2013 will take place from the 4th to the 19th July.  At the end of the course, selected students will take part in the Academy’s Closing Concert; furthermore  a particular group among them will take part in performances of Il viaggio a Reims, which will be staged on the 13th and 16th August 2013 as part of the “Festival Giovane” (Youth Festival) featured on the programme of the XXXIII Rossini Opera Festival.