Crescendo per Rossini, the 2019-2020 edition is launched

23 October 2019

Friday 25th October will see the launching of the new edition of Crescendo per Rossini, an educational project realized by the Rossini Opera Festival and the Fondazione Rossini, under the patronage of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino and the Pesaro Town Council, aiming at students of schools of every level and type in the territory, from Infant School to University. Last year this initiative involved more than 1.700 students from 70 classes in 21 scholastic institutions.

It is in this very University of Urbino, with whom we have had this type of collaboration since 2017, that three lessons will be given by the Honorary President of the ROF Gianfranco Mariotti, the General Administrator Ernesto Palacio and the Director of Scientific Studies of the Fondazione Rossini Ilaria Narici. Beginning from this year these lessons are fully integrated in the courses of Reception of classical culture (held by Professor Roberto Danese) and History of the Greek theatre (held by Professor Liana Lomiento), as part of the Course of study of the liberal arts, literary, artistic and scientific disciplines.

The first lesson is scheduled for Friday 25th October at 2.30 p.m. at the cinema – Urbino – Area Scientifico-Didattica “Paolo Volponi” (Via Saffi, 15). The subject, L’opera come cifra identitaria del Paese (Opera as a key to the national identity), will be delivered by the Honorary President of the ROF Gianfranco Mariotti.