Crescendo per Rossini, the 2014/15 balance

20 June 2015

The Crescendo per Rossini project is promoted by the Rossini Opera Festival and by the Fondazione Rossini with contributions from the Consorzio Marche Spettacolo and the Banca Marche, and also enjoys the collaboration of the Cassa di Risparmio di Pesaro Foundation and the patronage of the Assessorato  alla Pubblica Istruzione of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino,  of the Assessorato alla Bellezza of the Pesaro Town Council and the Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per le Marche.  The project, intended for students in primary and secondary schools, supplies them with the educational instruments necessary for listening to opera, a cultural heritage specially characterizing our town thanks to the presence of the Conservatorio di Musica Rossini, the Fondazione Rossini and the Rossini Opera Festival.

Professoressa Claudia Rondolini has organized the course into a series of preparatory lessons aiming at familiarizing students with Rossini from the historical and artistic points of view; other lessons will concentrate on listening to one of the operas in the repertory of the 2015 Festival.  Furthermore, a workshop phase is envisaged in which students may become familiar with the various elements making up an opera: words, music, acting.  Guided visits will be paid to some of the places connected with the figure of Gioachino Rossini, such as Rossini’s birthplace, the library of the Fondazione Rossini and the Teatro Rossini.  Students will be able to be present at a rehearsal of the opera being studied, so long as the permission of the stage director and the production office is obtained.

As from 2014 the formative course has been enriched, as an experiment, by a course intended for primary schools directed by Lucia Moricoli, Elisabetta Tamburello, Marco Manzo, Lorenzo Piscopiello and Marco Roveti.

The balance for 2014/2015 was publicly presented today at the Musei Civici, in the presence of the assessori comunali alla Crescita e alla Bellezza Giuliana Ceccarelli and Daniele Vimini, the Provveditore agli Studi Marcella Tinazzi, the president of the Fondazione Rossini Oriano Giovanelli and the General Administrator of the Rof Gianfranco Mariotti.  The project, concentrated on La gazza ladra, involved four high schools (three from Pesaro: the Liceo Musicale “G. Marconi”; the Liceo Classico, Linguistico e delle Scienze umane “T. Mamiani”; the Liceo Artistico “F. Mengaroni” Pesaro, as well as the Liceo Classico “Nolfi” of Fano) and the Istituto Comprensivo Statale “Villa S. Martino”, with the Scuola Primaria “Don Milani”, for a total of 16 classes and about 400 boys and girls, through 60 hours of lessons and meetings with the staff of the Rossini Opera Festival and 16 visits to the Teatro Rossini and the library of the Fondazione Rossini.  In the month of July there will be a laboratory of expressive reading for students of the secondary schools, which will be based on a selection of Gioachino Rossini’s letters and selections from the famous biography written by Stendhal, with a final performance at the Musei Civici; students and  teachers will also be able to attend, as listeners, some Accademia Rossiniana lessons.  Students from the primary and secondary schools will, finally, be able to attend the ante-dress rehearsal of La gazza ladra, to be staged at the Rossini Opera Festival 2015.