Closing concert of the Accademia Rossiniana

16 July 2015

The XXVII edition of the Accademia Rossiniana, a permanent seminar of studies on modern interpretation problems under the direction of Alberto Zedda, will close with the traditional Final Concert on Monday 20 July at 8.00 p.m. at the Teatro Sperimentale. Over a period of years the Accademia has formed an entire generation of talented young artists who have been able to polish their technical, musical and cultural resources in Pesaro.
The 2015 edition of the Accademia has been attended by 19 students, chosen from over 250 candidates from 37 nations of the five continents. The singers heard at the Teatro Sperimentale will be the sopranos Federica Di Trapani (Italy), Salome Jicia (Georgia), Ruth Iniesta (Spain), Carmen Buendía (Spain), Kaori Nagamachi (Japan) e Leslie Visco (Italy); the mezzosopranos Giuseppina Bridelli (Italy), Cecilia Molinari (Italy) e Shirin Eskandani (Canada); the tenors Sunnyboy Dla Dla (South Africa), Xiang Xu (China), Rubén Pérez Rodríguez (Spain) e Dangelo Fernando Díaz (Peru); the basses and baritones Alessandro Abis (Italy), Vincenzo Nizzardo (Italy), Pablo Ruiz (Spain), Carlo Checchi (Italy), Shi Zong (China), Sundet Baigozhin (Kazakhstan).
The programme will, obviously, consist of numbers from Rossini operas, accompanied at the piano by Anna Bigliardi, who is also the Coordinatrice musicale of the Accademia.
Tickets (all priced at 10 Euros) will be on sale at the Teatro Rossini on the day of the performance from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 midday, and from 4.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.  From 7.00 p.m. they will be obtainable at the Teatro Sperimentale (for information, dial 0721.3800294). 
Some of the soloists from the Accademia Rossiniana will also sing on Saturday 25 July at 7.30 p.m. at the Villa Montani (Ginestreto). The box-office takings from the event will go to further the work of IOPRA - the Istituto Oncologico Pesarese "Raffaele Antoniello". For further information, dial 0721.32230. 
The pupils of the Accademia Rossiniana will also take the leading roles in Il viaggio a Reims, which will be staged at the Teatro Rossini on the 14th and 17th August in the framework of the Youth Festival of the XXXVI edition of the Rossini Opera Festival. This has become an irresistible attraction for audiences made up of opera-lovers and theatre-managers from all over the world who like to discover, while they are still unknown, young voices that in years to come will be heard in the world's most important theatres.

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