An Opera Europa course in Pesaro

28 August 2019

Pesaro was the setting, from 23rd to 28th August, of the Opera Europa Course in operatic management, organized in collaboration with the Rossini Opera Festival.

Opera Europa, an organization that groups together more than 200 festivals and opera houses stemming from 44 different countries, has already held no fewer than 6 courses in opera management: at Balaton (Hungary), Como (Italy), Peralada (Spain), Bregenz (Austria), Lille (France), Poznan (Poland).

The course was intended for young professionals who want to make their way into the world of opera starting from a deep understanding of the broad context accompanying opera production.  Participators had the opportunity to follow specialized lessonsin programming and artistic planning, financial structuring and management, human and administrative resources, management of productions, marketing and communications, education and fund raising.

The Coordinator of the course was Cormac Simms, General Administrator of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, while the groups were headed by Valérie Chevalier, Directrice générale of the Opéra Orchestre National de Montpellier; Sebastian F. Schwarz, General Administrator of the Teatro Regio, Turin; Peter Spuhler, Generalintendant of the Badische Staatstheater of Karlsruhe; Valeria Told, General Manager of the Fondazione Haydn of Bolzano and Trento.  Nicholas Payne, Director of Opera Europa, introduced the courses. Among the teachers were representatives of such institutions as the Finnish National Opera, Opera North, the Glyndebourne Festival, the Royal Danish Theater.

A welcome to Pesaro ceremony was held by the General Director of the ROF Olivier Descotes, while Cristian Della Chiara, head of Institutional Relations and Marketing for the Festival, gave a lecture entitled Marketing and Communication: branding, ticketing and subscription schemes, PR.