Adina returns to the 2018 Rossini Opera Festival

10 August 2018
_LX_1267 Lisette Oropesa

The XXXIX edition of the Rossini Opera Festival continues on Sunday 12th August with the first night of Adina, a one-act comic opera to a libretto by Gherardo Bevilacqua Aldobrandini.  The opera was composed during the summer of 1818, at Bologna, having been commissioned by a Portuguese officer, and was performed for the first time at the São Carlos theatre, Lisbon, on the 12th June 1826.  The opera returns to the Festival after a 15 year absence.


Adina, a new co-production in collaboration with the Wexford Festival Opera, will be performed at the Teatro Rossini on the 12th, 15th and 21st August at 8.00 p.m., and on the 18th August at 4.00 p.m.  It will be conducted by Diego Matheuz, here in Pesaro for the first time, with the Orchestra Sinfonica G. Rossini and the Chorus of the Teatro della Fortuna M. Agostini (Chorus Master Mirca Rosciani).  The production is conceived and directed by Rosetta Cucchi, with Tiziana Santi (settings), Claudia Pernigotti (costumes) and Daniele Naldi (lighting).  Among the singers the return of Vito Priante is noteworthy, together with the debuts of Lisette Oropesa and Levy Sekgapane; they are joined by Matteo Macchioni and Davide Giangregorio.


Rosetta Cucchi has this to say about the production: “With a plot well-known and well used in the opera house, the story of Rossini’s Adina, full of witty misunderstandings and with a veil of melancholy, is impregnated with a fascinating exotic colouring, hence its inevitable sub-title The Caliph of Baghdad, carrying us at once into the heart of one of the tales so astutely told by Sheherazade.  But we should like to tell this tale in a different way, perhaps at five o’clock in the afternoon, together with a cup of tea, rigorously Earl Grey, through the slightly colonial eyeglass of travelling Englishmen who, in the early years of the last century, loved to plunge into the exotic within their dominions with something of the fantastic air of Lewis Carroll’s Alice, surrounded by gigantic objects and little warrens opening into hidden worlds.”


Cucchi continues: “Looking over those inner images, the mirror of fable, we have chosen just one, enlarging it so that it will completely dominate front centre stage where, from beginning to end, this object out of dreams, which is also the dream of the subject of the story, will dominate everything, a presence like a totem symbolizing the marriage waited for like a succulent Godot.  Being a projection of the dream-world, it can be dismantled, it is full of surprises, alive in the open air or in a box covered in a delightful wrapping-paper, and above all it is always ready to follow the windings of the story.”


The first night of Adina will be broadcast live by RaiRadioTre and in direct streaming on the Rai website on the 12th August at 8.00 p.m.