A quarter century of the Accademia Rossiniana

2 July 2013

On Thursday the 4th July the Teatro Sperimentale will witness the opening of the Accademia Rossiniana, a permanent seminar dedicated to the study of problems of modern bel canto interpretation directed by Alberto Zedda, sponsored by the Peter Moores Foundation. The Accademia, following a well-established formula, offers pupils and auditors lessons in vocal interpretation and acting, lectures on apposite subjects, master classes and meetings with the artists engaged to sing in the operas mounted at the Rossini Opera Festival.

The 2013 edition of the Accademia will be the 25th: over the years its courses have formed an entire generation of young talented artists who have come to Pesaro to learn a special stylistic, technical and cultural approach to Rossini’s theatrical works. Many of them have made their entry into professional life through Festival productions, to carry on their careers later on in theatres the world over.

This year 18 students will take part, chosen from among about 200 requests for admission arriving from 32 nations and all six continents: Argentina, Armenia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, South Korea, Equador, Esthonia, France, Germany, Georgia, Japan, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhistan, Latvia, Moldavia, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Roumania, Russia, Spain, The United States, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, the Ukraine, Hungary.

In addition to the lessons and master classes held by Alberto Zedda with the musical support of Anna Bigliardi, the programme envisages contributions from Gianfranco Mariotti, Sovrintendente of the Festival (L’enigma Rossini – Rossini, the enigma), from the stage directors Davide Livermore (La forma del gesto – The form of gesture), Michael Hampe (Opera: la regola del gioco – Opera: rules of the game) and Elisabetta Courir (Momenti di interpretazione e improvvisazione – Moments of interpretation and improvisation), from the musicologist and conductor Marco Mencoboni (L’inganno felice: improvvisar cantando – L’inganno felice – improvisation while singing), from the Festival’s head of make-up Luca Oblach (L’avventura del trucco – The adventure of make-up), from the physiotherapist Frank Musarra (Dalla funzione dei muscoli del tronco al canto – from the function of the trunk muscles to singing) and from the ear, nose and throat specialist Franco Fussi (La consapevolezza dei risuonatori al servizio del timbre vocale: fisiologia e prevenzione- How familiarity with the resonators helps vocal tone: physiology and prevention), besides meetings with the casts of L’Italiana in Algeri and Guillaume Tell, to be mounted as part of the 2013 Rossini Opera Festival.

The course will end on Friday 19th July at 8.00 p.m., with the usual Final Concert, during which the pupils, accompanied at the piano by Anna Bigliardi, will sing music from Il viaggio a Reims and other Rossini operas.

Furthermore, some of the soloists from the Accademia Rossiniana will sing, on Sunday 21st July at 8.00 p.m., in a concert event at Villa Matarazzo (Gradara). The box-office takings of this concert, which will be attended by all the leading authorities from the economical and cultural worlds, will go to further the work of IOPRA – The Istituto Oncologico Pesarese ‘Raffaele Antoniello’. For further information: 0721.32230.