A new Gazzetta with the rediscovered Quintet

9 August 2015

On Tuesday 11th August at 8.00 p.m. (with repeat performances at the same time on the 14th, 17th and 20th August) La gazzetta may be heard at the Teatro Rossini.

Already seen in Pesaro in 2001 and 2005 in a production by Dario Fo, the opera returns to the Rof in its new version, enriched by a recently rediscovered Quintet, essential for filling out the meaning of an intricate and imaginative plot that leaves Goldonian comic realism behind after the opening scenes only to plunge into the labyrinths of a joyous folly. The exchanges of words and the happenings that follow one another in the pages of this Quintet, of which, it seemed, no musical trace remained, are indispensible to any complete understanding of the development of the story, so much so that in the previous Pesaro production it was found necessary to insert, during the course of a secco recitative, a spurious musical number, a free adaptation of a Péché de vieillesse, in which the literary text of the missing number was synthesized and read out, having been taken from the printed libretto for the first performance of the opera in Naples in 1816. It was an amusing surprise to discover that the rediscovered Quintet includes the breathtaking stretta of the First Act Finale to Il barbiere di Siviglia “Mi par d’esser con la testa in un’orrida fucina”, endowed with original and significant changes induced by the altered poetic text. Enriched in this way, a performance of La gazzetta becomes, more than ever before, a hymn to feminine beauty, inspiring a love nourished by a joyous and naturalistic eroticism.

The director Marco Carniti, at Pesaro for the first time, will have at his disposition a homogeneous cast of such first-class young singers as Nicola Alaimo, Hasmik Torosyan, Vito Priante, Maxim Mironov, Raffaella Lupinacci, José Maria Lo Monaco, Andrea Vincenzo Bonsignore, Dario Shikhmiri and Ernesto Lama (the mute servant Tommasino), some of whom have graduated from the Accademia Rossiniana. Enrique Mazzola, a tried and tested conductor of bel canto operas, is returning to Pesaro after 16 years (it was he who conducted the first fortunate steps in opera of the pop singer Elio at Pesaro in 1998), in charge of the Chorus and Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale, Bologna. The production, neat and sparkling, enjoys sets by Manuela Gasperoni and costumes by Maria Filippi.

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