A magpie among the stars! At the Musei Civici

28 July 2015

On Friday 31st July at the Musei Civici, Pesaro, the concluding event  of the expressive reading workshop Una gazza alle stelle! [a magpie among the stars] will be held, organized by Claudia Rondolini for pupils of higher secondary schools in Pesaro, to wind up the Crescendo per Rossini project. 

The project has been realized by the Rossini Opera Festival and the Fondazione Rossini with contributions from the Marche Region, the Consorzio Marche Spettacolo and the Banca Marche, the collaboration of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pesaro and under the aegis of the Ufficio Scolastico Regionale Marche, the Assessorato alla Pubblica Istruzione of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, and the Assessorato alla Bellezza of the town council of Pesaro.

Pupils of the T. Mamiani and G. Marconi high schools - Sara Albertini, Piergiuseppe Capriotti, Matteo Mancini and Francesca Marte - accompanied on the classical guitar by Jacopo Rossi, a pupil of the Liceo Musicale, will read aloud some of Rossini’s letters addressed to his mother, Anna Guidarini, and extracts from Stendhal’s Life of Rossini in which he talks about the staging of La gazza ladra.

These staged readings will be accompanied by the exhibition of the artistic efforts of pupils of the Liceo Artistico Mengaroni, under the guidance of Prof. Giorgio Donini and Professoressa Isabella Galeazzi, inspired by the opera due to be presented by the Rof 2015 beginning on the 10th August.

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